The Championship Shirts That Will Never Make It to a Shelf

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One of the favorite activities of any fan after winning a tournament, is buying that shirt that will help them remember the win forever. That was certainly the case when the Wildcats reached the Final Four.

"We got the first shipment when they won their game, and we sold out of those in two hours. They were all gone, then two days later we got another box of the same shirts, and we've got a few of those left," said Hibbett Sports Assistant Manager Laketta Graves.

After Kentucky's loss to UCONN in the NCAA National Championship Monday, few people will ever see what those shirts would have looked like for the Wildcats.

"The Championship shirts actually came on Saturday. So they didn't play until Monday, and didn't know the outcome until Monday, but got the shirts on Saturday," said Hibbett Sports Assistant Coach Trenton Shain.

Now, those shirts will never see a shelf.

"We had plenty of shirts that were supposed to be sold at six today if they had won, but since they didn't win, we've got them still in the back," said Hibbett Sports Assistant Manager Skylar Phaup.

Seeing those shirts wasn't easy for these three fans.

"It was pretty tough to see all those shirts go to waste. We got them, and we're not going to be able to sell them, and no one's going to be able to wear them proud like a typical UK fan," said Shain.

"Just to have them back there and know we were so close to having it, to finally getting the number nine... it was devastating. It was bad," said Phaup.

All three say they enjoyed the extra business and seeing the Wildcats make it all the way to the championship this year, and hope next year, they'll get to sale those title shirts.

Shain said Hibbett Sports planned on opening its doors at six this morning, if the cats had won. He says he was dissappointed to be sleeping in this morning.

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