Kentucky Prison Food Contract Up For Bid

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The $12 million contract to feed Kentucky's 21,200 prison inmates is up for bid for the first time since a 2010 audit found significant problems with the state's current contractor.

But some of Kentucky's biggest critics of Philadelphia-based Aramark now say they are satisfied with the company's response to the criticism.

Aramark has held the contract since 2005 when Kentucky first privatized inmate meals. A 2010 audit found the state was overpaying on the contract and could not confirm that Aramark was using proper ingredients or followed food safety standards. An Aramark spokeswoman said the company worked with the Department of Corrections to fix the problems.

Aramark will bid on the new contract. A spokesman for South Dakota-based CBM Managed Services said they were also considering bidding on the contract.

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