Kentucky School Systems Adjusting Schedules

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- A mixture of winter weather and frigid temperatures has called off schools all over south central Kentucky. Many school systems across the state are looking at a range of options if the trend keeps up.

Perry County Schools have already canceled spring break and others are looking at the possibility of Saturday school.

The Barren County School System has missed 8 days this school year, and though the school year may be lengthened, they're still a ways off from cutting into spring break.

"If we have to look into going into June, beyond that first week of June, we would be looking at spring break; or at least part of spring break," said Assistant Superintendent, Mark Wallace.

The school year in Barren County is currently scheduled to end on May 28. Wallace said though extremely low temperatures have caused some concern, no days this year have been called off strictly due to temperatures.

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