Kentucky State Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips

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With just one day until Halloween, Kentucky State Police want to make sure your children are safe while they trick-or-treat.

KSP says there are several things to keep in mind as a trick-or-treater, a parent, or just a driver out on the road tomorrow night.

"Be mindful of their surroundings. Don't go up to cars... your stranger danger... only go to houses that you know, and make sure the child is with an adult or older sibling," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Jonathan Biven.

KSP recommends children wear bright, reflective costumes that will be visible to drivers. Tell children not to eat any candy until it has been checked by an adult. Avoid strange or unfamiliar houses and cars. Make sure young children are accompanied by adults, and as a driver, be cautious of kids crossing streets.

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