Kiosk Unveiled to Prevent Health Issues

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The Warren County Health Dept. introduced today a way for women to get medical help, without visiting the doctor.

A Women's Health Kiosk was unveiled to help women, who either aren't able to, or just don't seek medical attention.

The kiosk is available free of charge in the waiting area of the Warren County Health Dept. in both English and Spanish.

Commission on Women Director Eleanor Jordan says locations in places like Louisville have proven the kiosk helps prevent any ailments.

"Preventive healthcare is what saves lives, and there is a targeted population of women who don't seek preventive care, because of multiple barriers. We believe that this is one of the things that will cut through those barriers," Jordan says.

Jordan says the first kiosk in Kentucky has been used over 1,000 times, and over a hundred women were treated for their health issues.

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