Kohl's Grant to Support The Medical Center's Newborn Care & Safety Program

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Kohl's is helping new parents learn what to expect when expecting their first child, from the labor process, to feeding and holding your child.

The Medical Center's Newborn Care and Safety Program teaches expecting parents what to do in almost any situation. Tonight, Kohl's Cares presented the program with more than $31,000 to help them do just that.

"I guess in general taking care of them, holding them and knowing what the cries," said expectant parents Curtis and Shannon Kenyon.

"I learned alot about what to expect, and things I didn't know about keeping calm. They debunked some of the myths about things," said expectant mother Sierra Sellers.

The donation was part of a grant Kohl's gave the Commonwealth Health Foundation.

Funding for the grant comes from your purchases of certain books and items at Kohl's.

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