Two Snow Day Relief Bills Beings Discussed In Frankfort

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MORGANTOWN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Snow and Ice have not only piled up on roads this winter, they've also piled up on school systems. In order to make sure the minimum amount of state required days is met on the calendar, districts are re-scheduling school for breaks and weekends. However, a bill that's passed the House could offer ten days of relief from having to make up those days.

"We're looking at taking three days of our spring break and the Friday before. That's a total of three days. I hate to do that. In addition to that we're looking at going on a Saturday or Memorial Day. To get relief from that I would try and look at all the days we could get for that and no more," said Grayson County Superintendent, Barry Anderson.

Grayson County Schools isn't the only system that's had to deal with the wrath of mother nature this year. The Butler County School System has had to deal with a tornado, flooding, snow and ice. That's caused them to miss 19 days.

"It's just been terrible. People can't get past the fact that we've missed so many days," said Butler County Superintendent, Scott Howard.

Butler County is slated to go into June with their adjusted calendar, something most school districts try and stay away from. If the legislation makes its way to the Governor, then school ending in May once again becomes an option for the board.

"I think definitely the district would be interested in taking some of the days. I don't think there is anyway we would want to take all ten of them," added Howard.

The Senate passed a different bill on the subject late Monday afternoon that wouldn't offer any number of relief days to schools.
Instead their version states that the minimum amount of state hours will still need to be made up, no matter the method, unless the Commissioner of Education says otherwise. A compromise will need to be worked out from both sides before a final decision is made.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The Kentucky Senate has passed its version of assisting school districts facing a mounting number of missed days due to the harsh winter.

The measure would allow local school boards to submit revised calendars to the state education commissioner to adjust for lost instructional time.

If school districts still can't make up all the lost time, school boards could request a waiver from the required 1,062 instructional hours in a school year.

The Senate attached those provisions to a House bill and passed it 38-0 Monday. The measure returns to the House.

The House passed a bill last week that would allow districts to have up to 10 missed days waived.

Some districts have missed more than 30 days due to snow and ice.

The Senate-passed bill is House Bill 211.

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