Kynect Keeps Local Insurance Agency Busy

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BOWLING GREEN. Ky (WBKO) --Following an apology from President Obama for the difficulties of applying for healthcare on the federal exchange, today, Governor Steve Beshear praised Kentucky's new Health Benefits Exchange, calling it the gold standard for the nation.

While going over the enrollment process with one local insurance agent, it was easy to see and actually hear the impact of Kentucky's new health benefits exchange on business.

"We've seen an increase in business from our current clients and our past clients, and from people who have heard that we're able to help them go on Kynect and help people," said McCay and Associates Insurance Agent David McCay.

Mccay says McCay and Associates wasn't able to enroll their first client in the program until about a week after it launched on Oct. 1, but has now fully enrolled about 30 clients. He says the time spent applying depends on the person.

"Thirty to forty five minutes to be able to go in, gather the information, sit down with the client, talk to them about what their needs are, and what they're looking for, assessing their income situation, and going through the system, going online and entering their data," said McCay.

He says that process is faster when clients have household income data in hand.

"The information the client needs when they come in is helpful, but the information needed changes depending on their circumstances," said McCay.

He says agents can not only advise you on what plans may be best for you, but aid you in the application process.

"We actually have the ability to help guide the individual, and choose specific plans. We can actually legally discuss benefits and things available to them so they can make an informed decision," said McCay.

McCay says the demand for help lead the agency to add more staff, many who are training to become agents themselves.

Kynect does have a free call center available for those who choose to go through the application process without an agent. You can call 1-855-4KYNECT. That's 1-855-459-6328, or visit the link below.

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