Kynectors Help With Online Healthcare Enrollment

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The change brought on by the Affordable Care Act has many in disarray. Despite a smooth launch to Kentucky's online exchange system, that feeling still exists across the Bluegrass State.

"Just a lot of confusion and I don't know what to do about it really." said Danny Edmunds.

Here in south central Kentucky, recently trained individuals called "Kynectors", are going out into communities to not only clear up any questions, but to also help facilitate enrollment.

"They want to be pre-screened and know what they're eligible for. They're just looking for that in-person assistance." said Kynector Charity Parrish.

One of their first stops was the Warren County Public Library, where the group helped some get started online while showing them figures that pertain to their health and their wallets.

"You can pre-screen online. So, I did that method and put a normal household income and then look at the numbers. They were all relatively low." added Kynector April Cain.

Julie Graham has a 16 month old daughter and currently is uninsured. She hasn't logged onto KYNECT yet; but the prospect of coverage at low rates may entice her.

"It would help drastically for me and her. It would help us dramatically. Even if it's something paying $15 a month, or $100 a month that's pretty cheap to come by." said Graham.

Those who've been through the process with hands on assistance say it's the boost they needed to getting coverage.

"I've been unemployed for a while. Having coverage with our previous employer, I didn't have to worry about all of that. I've now gone years without insurance. This is going to be a great piece of mind for me." commented Harriet Osborne. Osborne recently signed up with the help of relatives.

The help is only beginning. At the Governor's request, Kynectors will be at libraries all across the state Saturday to help in any way they can.

List of Counties with Kynectors at libraries this Saturday:

Allen County 9AM-4PM
Edmonson County 9AM-12PM
Logan County 10AM-12-PM
Metcalfe County 9AM-2PM
Warren County (Bob Kirby Branch) 2PM-4PM

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