Local Organizations to Help Those in Need this Holiday Season

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In a struggling economy more and more people are needing help when it comes to feeding their families, especially as the winter months and holiday season approaches.

Local outreach programs are helping those in need this holiday season.

"I have four children and canned goods is a big part of a meal and it will fill them up and you don't have to worry about your child being hungry,"says Laquana Matthews, a client at Manna Mart.

It's call Manna Mart and as a food pantry at Hotel Inc. It provides meals for those in need.

"We provide a good diet it's not just a box of canned good items that's hodgepodge together, but we actually have planned meals for breakfast lunch and dinner,"says Cinda Painter, Office Manager at Hotel Inc.

And as winter sets in Those in need of food assistance increases.

"Just the last quarter we gave out over 10,000 canned good items."

"It helps a lot of needy families and there's families worse off than mine."

And while Manna Mart will be closed on Thanksgiving Day the Salvation Army is giving back.

"We are serving a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day from 11 to 2 o'clock. There's no qualification to come it's open to the community and when they come they can receive a food box and a personal care item box,"says Heather Gordon, of the Salvation Army.

Gordon says they are already expecting more than 500 people.

With the cost of food increasing in the past year its extremely expensive for people to purchase a Thanksgiving meal and with that being said too it's just an opportunity for us to serve our community,"says Gordon.

The Salvation Army and Manna Mart say they are always in need of donations such as canned food and dried items.

Clients can use Manna Mart once a month, up to 9 times per year.

The Thanksgiving Day meal will be from 11 to 2 at the salvation army.

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