Labor Day Weekend Brings Many To Local Tourist Attractions

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The weather has been heating up, but summer is coming to a close.

The Russell Sims Aquatic Center in Bowling Green is closing for the season tomorrow.

"We wish they'd stay open for just a little longer, especially with the nice weather finally, but we'll be here tomorrow if it doesn't rain," said Alisa Parrish, who goes there often.

"I wish we could stay open longer, because we love seeing everybody come out here, especially since it is so hot. But it's just one of those things where we have to do what our policy is and shut down for the season," said Whitney Brown, who works there.

She said the season started off slow because of the wet weather and cooler temperatures, but by the end of it plenty of customers show were going -- especially this weekend.

"I think it's more because of Labor Day. A lot of people aren't going out of town this year and a lot of people choose to spend their Labor Day here with us."

It's not just water-related places that have already noticed fewer visitors.

"Since school started back, we've kind of slowed down just a bit," said Russ Ayres, who works at the Historic RailPark and Train Museum in Bowling Green.

But this weekend was different, he said.

"We were pretty bust today, compared to last Sunday, we were really busy today."

And they've got plans to keep people coming in even during the less-popular season for tourism.

"We've got a number of events coming up. We've got a fundraiser in October, Tuxedo Junction, and we have a Festival of Trains and then we have a Polar Express in December, so it's just getting started."

While some places are closing down for the fall, orchards are gearing up for one of their busiest times of the year.

"Labor Day weekend every year is our Apple Festival and that kicks off the first Sunday we are open and from here on out. September is when our apple harvest is, and then October is when we start the Pumpkin Festival and the festival time of the year," said Bethany White, from Jackson's Orchard.

White said she saw more people -- and tourists from all over -- at the Apple Festival this year, where they gave out samples of fresh apple cider and all kinds of other apple goodies.

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