Lack of Funds Forces Public Pool To Sink

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The Warren County Aquatics Center will be closing, due to insufficient funds to sustain it's operation.

On June 3, a sign was posted on the facility's doors, announcing the current contract holder decided not to resign for the upcoming year. This left the Warren County Parks and Rec in a bind, due to the 2014-15 operation cost being nearly 149,000 for the year.

A similar situation took place this time last year, causing Warren County Parks and Rec officials to solicit a corporate sponsor.

The current contract, held by Bluegrass Orthopedics, was scheduled to expire August 1, however, the doors of the Aquatic Center are scheduled to close on July 13.

Kummer says pool staff has minimized since the announcing of the non-renewal of the current contract, forcing them to close before the contract expires.

"If you have an active membership (that excludes gift certificates and punch cards). Let's say you've come to the pool over the last twelve months and you've purchased a membership and the membership is still going to be valid after July 13th, then we'll give you a prorated refund, based on the amount of days left on your membership. Those will be mailed out to the individual members, but unfortunately we're not going to be able to give refunds for the gift certificates or the punch cards,” said Chris Kummer, Warren County Parks and Rec Director.

Kummer says, starting today, Patrons are able to use the pool free of charge, until it closes July 13.

Kummer says, on behalf of Warren County Parks and Rec, they want to thank the community for the support over the last six years and they continue to stay focused on their dedication to the youth of Warren County.

Because the facility is owned by Warren County Public School District, the school district will operate and use the facility as they always have, housing the school's swim meets. It simply will no longer be open to the public after July 13.