Lanphear and Simpson Discuss Family Court Judge Race for Fall

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Attorneys David Lanphear and Rebecca Adams Simpson finished one and two in the race for Warren County Family Court Judge.

They were the top two in a race that fielded five candidates in the Primary.

Both know this is a tough job where you can't be biased and every family matters.

"The things that would be foremost in my mind would be to be a fair and impartial decision maker. When people go to court they need to be able to expect their judge is going to be fair and impartial," said Family Court Judge Candidate David Lanphear.

"Our message that every family matters really emphasizes that so many families do come before the family court every year and recognizing that every story is important to the family that's coming before the court," said Family Court Judge Candidate Rebecca Adams Simpson.

In a major political year, there could be several negative campaigns, but Lanphear and Simpson say their race will not be one.

"We intend to run a positive campaign emphasizing my background, my credentials, my experience again with families from all different backgrounds," said Simpson.

"Mrs. Simpson and I have conversed on the phone and I've told her she is my friend before the election and she'll be my friend afterwards. I trust that will be able to run a campaign that does not reduce itself to that sort of stuff," said Lanphear.

Now, both candidates focus shifts to the first Tuesday in November.

This is a non-partisan race, so no political parties are involved.

The general election date is November 4th.

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