Last Minute Shoppers Running Out Of Time

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Most people wish for precipitation on Christmas, but one thing that's never a good thing to hear around the holidays is procrastination. Many shoppers were still out there looking for the perfect gift for that special someone though time was running thin. Some do it for the deals with the economy being so tough right now.

"Normally we do last minute Christmas shopping because it's when they have the greater deals." said Dalton Jones, who is one Christmas break from Warren East High School.

"We definitely watch what we spend. We've got a lot going on this year. The budget is tight. I don't know. I get really in the Christmas spirit and something about giving people gifts just makes me feel good." said Mandy Garvin.

Others are just happy to have some time off from school.

"Mainly what I do, is i just come home and basically do nothing." commented Mason Jones, who's a sixth grader at Richardsville Elementary.

Though we can all fall prey to last minute spending there's one group in particular that's associated with it.

"My husband got his gifts this morning and I could just see the look of terror on his face because I think he's still working on my stuff. I figure I'd be like one of the only girls here. I had my stuff done like a month ago." added Garvin.

"Most guys do wait til the last minute and I used to be like that too but my wife has reformed me. So I get it done a little earlier now." said Matt Deaton.

Down to the wire or not getting gifts for others is a holiday tradition.
Let's just hope by the twenty fifth, most everyones' shopping is done.

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