Last Minute Valentine's Day Shoppers

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Valentines Day Shoppers tend to flock to novelty stores, such as Hallmark, in Greenwood Mall. Employees say last minute shoppers are something they are used to.

"Not to be mean but it's mainly men who wait until the last minute," said Skyler Brown, Hallmark Sales Associate.

Valentines Day cards and gift bags were flying off the shelves inside of Hallmark.

"They have all the deals so everyone should be able to get something that they like," said Leland Cantrell, Hallmark shopper.

Shoppers were in and out of the store in a hurry, some planned this last minute trip, while others stopped in spur of the moment.

"My boyfriend surprised me with a great gift today and I had nothing," said Leland Cantrell, Hallmark shopper.

But don't worry, if you forgot to pick your gifts up today, you always have tomorrow!

"A lot of our stuff will actually be on sale. It'll actually be even better deals tomorrow than today," said Leland Cantrell, Hallmark shopper.

Some people chose to buy their gifts on their way to dinner . The Bistro, in downtown Bowling Green, has been overwhelmed with calls.

"We've been booked for about two weeks now and people are still calling for reservations at this moment in time. We did have a couple cancellations, so we keep a wait list open," said Sasha Hasanagic, The Bistro Management.

The Bistro management says their most popular Valentine dates are Thursday through Saturday. There are still openings for tomorrow evening at bistro ... If visitors want to make reservations.

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