Law Enforcement Crack Down on New Years Drunk Driving

Police Squad Car Lights
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Law enforcement officers want you to make safe choices while celebrating this new years eve, and if you find yourself behind the wheel after drinking, it won't be at home where you start the new year, it will be in jail.

"Find a designated driver. Utilize one of the taxi services there in Bowling Green. Phone a friend... phone somebody. Just don't be behind the wheel as you're going to be having any kind of alcoholic beverage," said Kentucky State Police Tpr. Jonathan Biven.

For those who choose to drive under the influence KSP will be prepared.

"Tonight you're going to see an increased patrol. A lot of traffic safety checkpoints will be utilized through the post 3 area," said Biven.

This is definitely not your five star resort for the holiday, but despite that, the jail says they see far too many partiers on New Years Eve.

"They'll be running roadblocks, and when they're running roadblocks, we get busy in here," said Warren County Jail Cpt. Shawn Whittlesey.

And those who find themselves here may quickly be trading their party attire for a less fashionable wardrobe.

"Once they're done processing, they'll be dressed out in an orange jumpsuit and placed in detox," said Whittlesey.

Whittlesey says it's not worth the price you'll pay to drink and drive.

"It's expensive to begin with, when you walk through the door, it's an initial hundred dollars," said Whittlesey.

And that doesn't include fines if convicted. All this can be avoided with a much less expensive cab ride, but cab companies urge you to plan ahead.

"On a busy night like tonight, people should plan on sharing a cab with someone else if they want to get home as quickly as possible," said Komfort Kabs owner Brent Gipson.

Gipson says Komfort Kabs anticipates answering more calls than usual tonight and is prepared to answer about 160 calls between midnight and 2 a.m.

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