Less Halloween Spending Expected This Year

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Ghosts and other monsters will be roaming the streets before long -- they're just costumes, of course.

The National Retail Federation released a survey last month that said nine in 10 people will spend less money on Halloween this year because of the economy.

Almost 20% of those dressing up will make their own costumes.
However, Halloween Express has been open since August and employees said they've seen a constant flow of people buying costumes.

"Bowling Green's been resilient with that. John Carpenter's hometown is kind of more resilient. Being this is the birthplace of Michael Myers -- so it's a lot more resilient to nationwide polls. Halloween is always a big holiday around Bowling Green," said Christopher Thornberry, who works at Halloween Express.

Last year, people spent about $80 total on costumes, candy and decor. This year, that number is expected to drop to $75.

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