Lightning Strikes Homes In South Central Kentucky

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Firefighters in two counties were called to three lightning-related incidents within the same hour this morning.

Only one of the incidents ignited a fire, but one Glasgow family says a loud boom was heard around their house.

"It sounded like a bomb came into our house," Malena Reynolds says.

"She (Malena) wasn't 6 feet from where all this happened, and not a scratch on her this morning, but the clock on the other side of the wall of her was on the floor," her mother, Donna Reynolds says.

Around 7:30 this morning in Glasgow, lightning struck this home on Myrtle St.

"We found that lightning had struck somewhere close to the house and one side of the house, the lightning came up and blew mud on the house, but it also went through the foundation," says Glasgow Fire Chief, Tony Atwood.

Firefighters say the lightning bolt made it's way through the walls in the home, eventually destroying the TV, a Wii, and the wires surrounding the TV.

"I thought it had hit one of the transformers on the pole and I didn't realize it was inside the house," Donna says.

Less than ten minutes later, lightning hit this house on Green St. in Glasgow, knocking out the power.

Around 8:30 this morning, a fire started in New Burley Tobacco Warehouse on 68/80 in Russellville.

"A witness stated that there was a lightning strike in this parking lot here, and he actually saw the strike," says Russellville Fire Chief, Billy Poole.

The owner of the warehouse says its been abandoned for about 2 years.

"I use it for storage and actually my son had a camper in it, and another friend of mine had a pontoon in it. I've got Jon boat in there, and I've got a brand new tug motor in there," says New Burley Tobacco Warehouse owner, Randy Steenbergen.

None of the items were harmed in the warehouse.

Firefighters say they put out the fire in about hour.

Firefighters suggest unplugging all appliances during thunderstorms to help prevent lightning fires.

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