Liquor Store Experiencing Increased Business Overall With Sunday Sales

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- One Bowling Green liquor store has already seen benefits of being open on Sundays.

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A law enacted last year in Bowling Green allows liquor sales on Sunday now.

At first, some stores were skeptical if opening their doors on Sunday would lead to enough sales to make it worth their while.

However, a Shenanigans employee says it's brought in quite a bit of extra business overall, especially during big sports weekends like this one.

"Today we've seen a lot of people coming in in their UK shirts, getting ready for the game. The other day, actually, for the Louisville-UK game, we did about 10 grand, which was our biggest day since New Year's. So people just coming in, getting ready for the games and things like that," said Martin Strobel of Shenanigans Wines & Spirits.

He did say business slowed down a bit while people were away for spring break, but overall, they're happy for the extra business the law is now allowing them to have on Sundays.

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