Liquor Stores See Increased Sales During Super Bowl Sunday

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Super Bowl might have been miles away from us, but liquor stores here had big sales Sunday.

An employee at Shenanigans says he was selling quite a bit of alcohol as soon as doors opened at 11 Sunday morning.

Of course, Sunday alcohol sales just became legal in Bowling Green back in December, so it's the first time liquor stores have really been able to benefit from alcohol sales on the day of the Super Bowl.

"We had a keg sale within the first hour. We sold two to one person. People have just been coming in buying kegs, getting a lot of beer mainly, but people really want to party on the Super Bowl, so they've been coming here a lot," said Martin Strobel, who works at Shenanigans.

He says customers were thankful the store was open today because it gave them more time to prepare for their parties.

Kentucky State Police increased its patrol Sunday night to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

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