Local Attorney Speaks About New Gun Law

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-- Domestic violence victims with emergency protective orders now can apply for a temporary concealed carry license.

As of Tuesday, a temporary permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon can be granted to those whose applications are accepted.

The permit is only valid for 45 days.

While the mission is to offer an option which make victims feel more safe, one local concealed carry instructor has concerns.

"There's a specific list of things we're expected to do, which is have the students watch a video, go through shooting stances, know how to disassemble the weapon, and then, particularly, firing the weapon at least 20 times to qualify, and none of these provisions are required for the temporary license," said Phil Kimbel, an attorney and concealed carry instructor.

That person can seek the training required to receive a concealed carry license and continue to carry beyond the 45 days.

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