Local Attractions Increase Tourism

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- It has been a busy weekend in Bowling Green as thousands of visitors explore and tour.

Two Bowling Green attractions are having a big impact this weekend on several local businesses. Debra Chaney, from Chaney's Dairy Barn, says although she is grateful for the increase in business, she describes their recent customer flow as "organized chaos."

"But they come in with large groups at a time and we do our best to be ready for them and accommodate them," Chaney said.

The 14-and-under Northern National softball tournament is being held at Buchanon Park through tomorrow afternoon, and with temperatures well into the 90's, the teams are looking for a cool down. However, they don't have to look far.

"A lot of teams are coming in, they're hot, and they're hungry. We do our very best to please them and to make them happy," Chaney said.

The owners of the Dairy Barn say it is their location that has sparked the increase.

"We're very thankful when the ball parks are in season and having tournaments."

But, the traffic doesn't stop there. Hundreds of other tourist visited Lost River Cave, where today they announced a brand new program.

"We are offering kayaking in the cave tours and this is a two hour tour. We offer seven guests maximum and a minimum of three," Kayak Program Director, Carlet Hagan said.

Hagan also says their guests and visitors are having a positive effect on the economy.

"A lot of people visit from out of town, so, they're buying gas, they're eating, they're staying in motels, so not only does it just impact us, it impacts Bowling Green as a whole."

Debra Chaney thinks it's great that local businesses are working together.

"Our area attractions are really good to support one another. We do get a lot of families that come to visit from Lost River Cave and The Corvette Museum, and others. There are lots of great things in our area to see and we try to send them in their direction as well," Chaney said.

The softball tournament finals will resume tomorrow at Buchanon Park. Lost River Cave will open at 8:30 A.M.

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