Local Business Hosting Event to Help Other Local Businesses Get "Up and Running"

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The owners of Home Cafe and Marketplace, and Need More Acres Farm have joined to create the first ever Wishing Well event in Bowling Green. It's purpose is to help other local start-up businesses get going, remembering the challenges even they had in the beginning.

"There's always this idea that if you're starting a restaurant, or if you own a restaurant, you've just got all this money, and really, it's the exact opposite. You have no money," said Home Cafe and Marketplace owner Josh Poling.

In an effort to help new businesses out, they will take the ticket sales from the event and donate them to one of three local startups, but Poling says the event is just as much about networking, as it is the money.

"For this first one, it would be awesome to have a thousand dollars. That would be fifty people coming in. I'm confident we'll get fifty people, but you never want to be overly confident. My dream is people walk away from this thing with two or three thousand dollars, and they're able to take that and turn it into however much more, and they've got all these connections all of a sudden in the community," said Poling.

Poling says the event will allow those who attend to enjoy great food, while learning more about the three businesses competing.

"One of them is called Meltdown. It's Susan Whorl. She sells ice cream at the Community Farmers' Market. One of them is called Tingle Scents. It's a complete start-up. They want to do all natural lotions, body oils... stuff like that. The other one is an internet start-up where they're looking to be able to provide a low-cost or even free internet service to everybody in Bowling Green," said Poling.

Each person in attendance will have a vote on who will walk away with that extra funding boost.

The Wishing Well event is at 5 p.m. Sunday at Home Cafe on Nashville Rd. in the Penn Station Shopping Center. Tickets are $20 per person, which includes dinner, and the opportunity to vote for the start-up you think deserves the money raised from the ticket sales.

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