Pace Car Removed From Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The millionth Corvette wasn't the only one lifted out of the sinkhole today. The National Corvette Museum experienced another surprise this afternoon when they were able to pull the 1984 PPG Pace Car from the hole.

"It was stuck pretty good. It was upside down and the back end of the car was in the dirt, all the way up to the hood as you can see on the car," said Corvette Manufacturing Integration Manager John Sharp.

Tourists also got quite the surprise when they were able to see the car up close just after it was pulled from the hole.

"Couldn't believe it. It was shattered. You could see the pictures before and after. It was crazy," said Madison Morrill, a Natcher Elementary student who spent her snow day at the museum.

"Today when I was coming back from my job down in Nashville, I stopped just to check on the cars. I thought it was going to be a ten minute stop, and it ended up being 3 and a half hours waiting for them to pull out the Indy Pace Car," said tourist and car enthusiast from Michigan, Mary Lee Foot.

They weren't the only ones surprised to witness this car emerge.
"Going into today, there was no plan to get this car out, but as we got the millionth car out of the sinkhole, it became apparent that if we were going to get this car out, we needed to try it today," said Spencer.

"We've also got to stabilize the inside walls of the sinkhole. If we do that, there could have been the possibility that we could have damaged or lost that vehicle then. Once we pulled another concrete slab up and saw that as much of the car was there, we said hey we're going to go ahead and try to pull it out, so it worked great," said Murphy Scott Daniel CEO Mike Murphy.

Murphy says now the focus will shift to stabilizing the area beneath the red spire and around the hole, before they can attempt to remove any more vettes.

"This is number five, number six is next and then we have two we have never found," said Sharp.

Murphy says the you can barely see the back fender and one wheel on the sixth car. He says Thursday, they'll begin to drill micropiling around the red spire for support, and stabilize the area around the pit before they begin to vacuum around the other cars. He says that could take several days.

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