Local Company Says Sales Of Bulletproof Backpacks On The Rise

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It looks like an ordinary backpack, but the makers behind it say it could save a child's life.

Inside it's a bulletproof backpack. It is designed and produced in Cave City and is as an idea after school shootings like Columbine and Jonesboro.

"These shootings are taking place and you just started to realize that people over 30 or 35 years of age this is not the same world we grew up in," says co-owner Jamie Ward.

But do the backpacks really work?

Last year we tested them at a local shooting range and all our tests passed. Now, after the tragic school shooting last week in Newtown, Connecticut there is a heightened interest in keeping kids safe with the backpacks.

"We've had a lot of parents calling, asking about it. Wanting to know how much it weighs, what does it look like?," says Ward.

Our Brett Baldeck tested out the comfort and said it fit and felt like an average backpack.

But many parents remain concerned that safety measures are too extreme.

"When my little one is old enough for school, yes I will have one! Extreme? What is extreme when you are trying to protect children?" says one local parent.

But another disagrees and says: "I refuse to live my life in fear and put that fear on my children."

Either way, Jamie Ward says it's up to each parent on how to protect their child.

"My son is a freshmen in high school. I made sure he's got one. It gives me a piece of mind and I believe in it. I believe if he got in a situation, a situation where he is running away from a shooter I know he will be fine in that situation," says Ward.

Aside from backpacks Ward says more safety devices are planned for the future.

To learn more about the bulletproof backpacks: Click Here

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