Local Elementary Hosts Open House on Energy Efficient School

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Today, Bowling Green City Schools honored the new Dishman McGinnis Elementary, which is built on the former L.C. Curry Elementary site. The two story, 64,000 square foot school, cost nearly $11 million dollars to build. However, school officials say many of the features in the building are helping to cut back on costs.

"It's our newest Elementary school, and we're just excited. Even though school started a couple of weeks ago, we had a grand opening today," District Board Chair, Michael Bishop, said.

The innovative school replaces the former Dishman McGinnis, located on Old Morgantown Road, which will still be used by the school system.

"It's now called the Bowling Green Independent School Professional Development and Learning Center. We have moved several offices there, the school Psychologist's office is there, Mrs. Kim Simpson's office, those running our food service, and we have other offices there, too," Bishop said.

School officials say they are proud of the new energy efficiency aspects.

"We will be able to monitor energy use, anything from automatic lights, to water conservation, to solar tubes in the ceiling to provide light, so our solar array collects sunlight power on top of the roof," Principal, Michael Wix, said.

Wix hopes these features will provide a valuable lesson for the students.

"Hopefully we'll be able to use that, not just to conserve on energy, but also to teach our students about energy conservation, resource management, and they can see how we use energy in the building. Hopefully that will be a good life lesson for them later on," Wix said.

Many students say they are excited and ready to learn.

"I really like the new technology. I like the computer lab, I like the computers that we have, and I like the interactive boards because you get to actually touch the walls while you're writing, so I really like that," student, Sandra Ibrisevic, said.

Approximately 390 students are enrolled for the current school year, and officials say the building is built to accommodate nearly 100 more.

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