Local Cheese Recall

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in Barren County issued a voluntary recall of four of its 32 cheeses after an FDA inspection revealed there may have been listeria in those products. Listeria can cause serious illness in the elderly, young children, and those with weakened immune systems.

While no cases of illness have been reported, Kenny's didn't want to take any risks with the health of its consumers.

"We've voluntarily recalled all of these products..getting them off the stores' shelves. It is specific to the soft cheeses that we produce," said Kenny Mattingly, Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Owner.

Kenny's makes about 120,000 pounds of cheese yearly, and only about 300 pounds of that is the soft cheese that was affected.
Those are the Kentucky Blue, Awe Brie, and Tomme de Nena. Kentucky Rose was also included as a precaution.

"I think they like seeing that in a business, that you're working hard to improve and correct problems," said Mattingly.

After responding to the FDA's requests, Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese now meets all requirements.

"We've learned a lot about sanitation and through consultants and through our suppliers about chemicals. We've done environmental swabs from the state milk safety branch recently and found no signs of listeria in the environment. We've really taken care of the problem in our environment," said Mattingly.

Mattingly says they will continue to maintain those standards, and are always seeking ways to improvement.

The recalled cheeses were sold in seven states between Aug. 22 and Sept. 25 this year. Mattingly says all of those products have been removed from shelves at this time.

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