Local Firefighters Learn the Ropes

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Today numerous area firefighters had the chance to sharpen their skills by taking part in fire rescue training.

They were at College Street bridge to show us how being a firefighter involves more than running into burning buildings.

For some firefighters today was all about learning the ropes.

"Were doing some more advanced rope training here with hauling systems and lowering systems where we can make sure everybody is using the proper knots and proper techniques to safely do rope rescue work,"says John Weatherbee, Coordinator.

Weatherbee says knowing how to properly tie a set of figure eight knots is essential to making a safe repel.

"We've got volunteer firefighters, paid firefighters, Warren County Rescue Squad and all of those people are subject to be on a rope at any given time trying to help a citizen,"says Weatherbee.

For many remembering the knots is the most difficult part while taking a step off the side of a bridge is...

"The adrenaline rush for me,"says Captain Matthew Lawrence, Warren County Rescue.

"The most difficult part is remembering the knots. Most of the people you see out here today really enjoy going over the edge,"says Weatherbee.

Lawrence and Weatherbee agree the free training is a great way to brush up on live saving skills.

"It's important especially in this region because we deal with a lot of areas that don't have ideal terrain to accomplish a simple rescue,"says Lawrence.

"Their out there doing this a lot of times for nothing, taking time away from their family, it's important we provide them the equipment and training that their as well prepared as they possible can be,"says Weatherbee.

The free fire training is hosted by the Kentucky Fire Commission.

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