Local Florists Prepare for Valentine's Day

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Roses are red, violets are blue, and local florists in Bowling Green are seeing green.

"We just started getting really busy for Valentine's Day yesterday. We think we are going to have a really good Valentine's Day, so we're really looking forward to it," says Andrea Hall of Deemer's Flowers & Gifts.

The preparations begin well in advance.

"We start preparing for Valentine's Day right after Christmas, but we really start all the work about a couple days before Valentine's Day," says Hall.

Hall says they are able to fill more than a thousand orders with one key technique.

"We just start getting ready. Everything is sorted, and we have lots of tables set up to route our deliveries and things. It's just every year we get a little bit more organized," Hall says.

To prepare for the big day, extra help always comes in useful. Hall says, "We just have a lot of people that work, or you know, have retired and they just come back for holidays and stuff."

A team of 15 will make thousands of stops on Thursday.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $18.6 billion on Valentine's Day gifts this year.

"We do a lot of other things than just the flowers. We have artificial arraignments, then we have stuffed animals, we have candy, we have balloons. We pretty much do whatever anyone wants us to do," says Hall.

Americans will spend about five dollars more than last year.

The most popular Valentine's Day arraignment at Deemer's is a dozen roses.

Hall says, "So far sales are up, so we're hoping it'll stay that way up until Thursday."

Hall says although Valentine's Day can be chaotic, they enjoy making the day special.

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