Local Groups Partnering to Help Further Education

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As the state government continues to push to better education in Kentucky, some local groups are working to help students graduate high school each day.

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The "American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen" is a multi-year campaign created by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting to raise awareness about furthering education.

"They have identified the fact that too many kids are quitting high school. 'What can we do to keep kids from dropping out?', and so they made monies available to these different stations throughout the country," says Barbara Deeb, Producer/Host on WKU Public Television.

When WKU Public Television was chosen to take part in the event they targeted a group of students who have seen personal struggles.

The local PBS affiliate partnered with WKU Educational Talent Search, a program designed to help high school students graduate.

Together, the two groups decided to create video diaries to air on TV, having students talk about what's kept them motivated.

For Warren Central senior Tia Poole, it was her mother who inspired her to share her story.

"She was a single teenage mom, and she didn't want me to go through the hardships that she had to go through, and she didn't have any education to get a proper job, and take care of us," she says.

And for Warren Central senior Raymond Smith, it was his sister's mistake, and his dream to be in broadcasting.

"She was a drop-out and i mean she don't live bad, but it's just like she can live better than that, and it's just like with me I don't want to be in her shoes," he says.

"It really takes one positive person to help them, you know to believe that they can achieve, and to believe that you know they can go to college and that they can reach their goals and aspirations," says Darlene Taylor, Director of WKU Educational Talent Search.

WKU Public Television hopes the video diaries will help spread the message.

"Through public television, we are hoping that we can spread that message that you are not alone. You know, if you have that inkling where you feel like you're going to drop out of high school, stop, because there are a number of programs, and a number of people who really do care," Deeb says.

Both students featured in the video diaries will be attending college next year.

To find out when the video diaries will air visit WKU Public Television's website by following the link below.