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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Homelessness is a growing concern in the Bowling Green community, but some areas are simply off limits.

According to Bowling Green City Officials, the city has recently received complaints about people camping in local parks. However, we are told that camping is not allowed.

"It is prohibited to camp in a city park," Public Information Officer, Kim Lancaster said.

So, the city has taken measures to fight the growing issue.

"And in order to detour that, we posted signs that actually state: "No camping," Lancaster said.

Those couple of signs standing in Weldon Peete Park in Bowling Green seem to be working.

"At this point I think the posting of the signs has been sufficient," Lancaster said.

However, just because the people have migrated from the park, does not mean the issue has cleared. There are plenty of resources right here in Bowling Green who are eager to help. The Salvation Army provides a number of services to homeless individuals, including an emergency shelter as well as a food bank. The Salvation Army Corps Officer, Capt. Mark Love, says recent changes have been made due to the increased need.

"What we call The Center of Hope is a place where homeless people can come for emergency shelter and they can come stay for up to 60 days now. In fact, we're just changing that from 30 to 60 days because the community told us there was a need for that."

Last year, their organization served more than 53,000 soup kitchen meals, 40,000 regular meals and nearly 7,000 food boxes. Additionally, they provided shelter to over 1,200 individuals. They are well on their way to that number again this year.

"The Salvation Army is here to meet needs without discrimination, and we do it with the hundreds of volunteers that we have and the support of the Bowling Green community."

For those in need of assistance, The Salvation Army is located at 400 West Main Street in Bowling Green.

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