Local Kids Get To Shop With A Cop

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From games, to toys and even new clothes. Cops were out in full force bringing Christmas cheer to local kids.

The Fraternal Order of Police, Shop with a Cop, takes kids from local Boys & Girls Club down the aisle to buy whatever they may need this holiday season.

"Most of the time that's clothes and other things. We ask them to buy them at least one toy so they can have fun and something to play with during the holidays," says FOP Lodge 13 President Shawn Helbig.

With so many toys to choose from it can be a hard choice for some kids, but police aren't afraid to help. It's an opportunity for many children to finally be like the other kids.

"They get to see the toys they've been seeing on TV and seeing other kids play with and they actually get to buy those so it's really exciting for them," says Abbey Kitchens from the Bowling Green Boys & Girls Club.

The excited smile on a child's face is what police say makes each turn of the aisle worth while.

"The great thing is when the kids come up to you and give you a big hug and they say thanks for helping me out for Christmas because like I said when we deal with them on the street when we are in uniform it's because something really bad has happened," says Helbig.

"They may not get anything or much for Christmas so this really means a lot to them and also their parents who work hard and try to provide for their family," says Kitchens.

With every ding of the cash register. Those who protect and serve know another child is going home to a Happy Holiday.

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