Local Manufacturing Company Opens New Plant

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As sales increase nationally for the American Automotive Industry, one area company is benefiting directly.

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems newest plant in Scottsville was opened specifically for expected future growth of the company.

In the 90's and early 2000's this building produced cable reels for cars.

When Sumitomo couldn't get automotive manufacturers to sign on, the plant was forced to become a warehouse in 2004.

Now, as the American Automotive industry continually grows, so do the companies that supply the manufacturers.

In the last four years, Sumitomo has grown by 15 percent, leaving the need for more space.

"In April of this year we started renovation of the building and we refurbished the entire building it's been reopened as our metal stamping facility," said Dep. Div. Manager Alan Bomar.

The operation was moved from the Scottsville 5 location to the revamped Building 2 location.

Workers are now able to do more jobs with a second location in Scottsville.

"We got the floor space here now to expand this operation as far as metal stamping and we've freed up floor space across town at our Scottsville 5 location to expand our injection and molding operation and assembly operations over there. So this gives us very good potential for future growth," Bomar said.

The new location brings ten jobs to Scottsville.

"It was basically a transfer of existing operations here and of course in the future as we continue to grow, we'll be adding more jobs right here in Scottsville," Bomar said.

As general manager Matt Adams says, that growth depends on American Automotive Industry.

"As we grow, we're dependent on those customers. Hopefully as we produce a high-quality product that goes into those vehicles, vehicle sales increase, we increase," Adams said.

Even as the company grows, Adams says Sumitomo wants to continue to expand in South Central Kentucky.

The ribbon cutting for the Scottsville Building 2 was held on 12-12-12.

Sumitomo currently has locations in Bowling Green, Edmonton, and Scottsville.

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