Local Members Of CrossFit In The Running For Worldwide Competition

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It's a high intensity, weight lifting and cardio exercise. CrossFit is the fastest growing workout and it's designed for everyone.

"We start with ages 3 and go all the way up to 82. It doesn't matter," says Erin Richter, Owner of CrossFit Old School.

The routine uses basic movements. It's exhausting, but has members seeing results.

"I had lost about 35 pounds and I feel a lot stronger. I can go up the steps at home and not be out of breath," says Lori Cooper.

"Completely changes your body and completely changes the way you view your body as well," says Courtney Wise.

To transform your body trainers say it takes much more than just lifting weights.

"Nutrition is very much talked about. You know your water intake, your flexibility and mobility that you can take directly and keep yourself where you are able to stand upright and be looser and limber," says Richter.

Some are taking advantage of their success. They have 10 minutes to give it their all for a chance to compete nationally.

"CrossFit games started a few years back and it has just grown tremendously. This year there are 140,000 worldwide competing for their region," says Richter.

One of those trying to get to the games is Barry Perkins. He says with the type of workout, like CrossFit, age isn't an issue.

"I'm 52 and you look on the leaderboard and see all these older gentlemen who are repping out amazing workouts so it's just good competition," says Perkins.

The intensity won't slow down until "The Fittest on Earth" is crowded this summer in California.

To learn how you can join CrossFit and take a look at the leaderboard for the CrossFit games, click one of the links below.

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