Local Pharmacies See High Demand for Flu Shot

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With a severe flu season underway people want to make sure they aren't the next one to catch the virus.

Sheldon's Pharmacy describes the high demand for the flu shot.

You may be surprised how many people are rolling up their sleeves, a day, to avoid the flu.

"In the past week I would say anywhere from 25 to 30 a day,"says Jarrod Ramsey, Pharmacist at Sheldon's Pharmacy.

The recent outbreak gave some a dose of reality.

"Noticing on facebook how people have said there is no flu shots, and the outbreak. I should have got it before now but I've procrastinated so I'm rushing in here the last minute to get one,"says Margie Burns, as she waits for her flu shot.

"It's just the reality of your age and your body does deteriorate over time,"says Margaret Tallant.

This would be Tallant's first flu shot.

"My husbands advice to me was with the flu being so widespread as it is and stronger, and my age factor, I took his advice and got the shot,"says Tallant.

Even the younger ones put on a brave face.

"Two of my friends have went home sick with the flu, from my school,"says 10 year old, Ethan Goad, as he waits for his flu shot.

"We've heard there's an outbreak and a couple of schools shutting down so were trying to prevent him from getting sick,"says one parent.

"We have seen more children as well. Actually we have seen more of both. A lot of pediatric offices have run out of the vaccine,"says Ramsey.

Sheldon's has Tamiflu and the flu shot in stock but the demand is high.

"If the numbers are consistent with the way we've been doing recently than we have enough for 2 more weeks,"says Ramsey.

Sheldon's has given out 30 flu shots today.

Ramsey says it's not too late in the season to get the flu shot, even if you get the flu the symptoms will not be as severe with the vaccine.

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