Local Political Science Expert Comments on Election

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Last night's election guaranteed President Obama another four years in office.

It was a close race throughout the night, but the President ended up winning both the electoral and the popular vote.

As WKU Political Science Chair, Dr. Saundra Ardrey, says the President needs more approval before anything can get done.

"He has about 50 to 51 percent of the popular vote and so there is still half the people that think we are on the wrong course and half the people that think we are on the right course so I think that he's going to have to bring all those groups together before congress is going to agree with him to do anything," Dr. Ardrey says.

Dr. Ardrey says it's important for Republicans and Democrats to work with each other, or President Obama's next four years could also end up in what she says was a stalemate this past term.

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