Local Reaction to Zimmerman Verdict and Stand Your Ground Laws Debate

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Following Zimmerman's not guilty verdict, Attorney General Eric Holder told the NAACP quote, "the Stand Your Ground laws senselessly expand the concept of self defense and sow dangerous conflict in our community."

One local gun store owner says the death of Trayvon Martin was tragic but believes Zimmerman was judged fairly in a court of law, and the verdict shouldn't impact state stand your ground laws.

"If you'll notice, most of the violence takes place with someone that's weaker, and if you're able to defend yourself, the chances of something happening to you are less likely," said Sherwood Guns Owner Sherwood Davis.

One woman says others feel the laws may be creating a problem.

"We don't have anything against any of the verdicts for the Zimmerman or Martin families. Our prayers go out to both families, and we are just being proactive. It kind of bothers us that something like this can happen so easily," said Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee President Linda Hill.

A local attorney and conceal carry instructor says the push for a civil rights violation in the case may contradict the justice system.

"It does set a dangerous precedent in that setting to have a jury verdict which is vigorously argued and people disagree with, and then to say we're still going to follow it up with a civil rights violation, because I think it's a totally different setting than it was 40 or 50 years ago when there were very serious civil rights violations that were being committed and nothing was being done about them," said Bowling Green Attorney Phil Kimbel.

Hill says those who are concerned about the stand your ground laws in our area will march for the cause later this week. That peaceful march will be held in Bowling Green on Saturday it will begin at 10a.m. at the Warren County Justice Center.

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