Local Red Cross Aiding Sandy Relief in New York

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Volunteers from the American Red Cross of South Central Kentucky have been working tirelessly for days now in and around New York City, aiding those in need. Their most recent stop was in Queens.

"In the Queens area they have no power, gas for heating. We drove through the neighborhood as late as 8 o'clock last night (Saturday). All you saw was dark houses but all of a sudden people would come out of the houses and pick up a meal." said the volunteer who has wished to remain anonymous.

The haunting scenes from around New York remind all of us that much as been accomplished, but there is still much work to be done.

"We had a lady our first night when we were going out, handing out food, and she hadn't had anything for a couple of days. She was in tears and just wanted us to get something for her parents who were still up in the house. A lot of people are thankful that we're here and that we can provide. They are emotional times where they're just happy to see someone that's got something they can use. Being the food, water, snacks. Even a bag of potato chips is appealing to a lot of people." commented the volunteer.

Though things are bleak at the moment, the residents say the help from South Central Kentucky volunteers is making a difference.

"The morale is still positive. I think it's an improvement any time we can go out and give people something to eat, their morale, their energy improves. Sometimes it's nothing more than a handshake a smile and handing them some food that makes you feel better. Every time we go out, we get many many thank yous just for even being here. We're always asked where we're from because we've got people from all over the country that have come and it's not just Kentucky, it's a wonderful national effort." added the volunteer.

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