Local Red Cross Volunteers Battle Through More Bad Weather in the Northeast

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While we woke up to dense fog in our area this morning, those states hit by Sandy last week woke up to snow and ice.

New Yorkers say, Nor'easter storm slowed down any progress being made in the Northeast.

"We got back our power on last Friday, and now it's off again, so frustrated is a fair word," says one New Yorker who lost his power again last night.

"For some people it may be a second dose. They may have just gotten their power back and then they lost it again, and then for others, who may not have gotten power, it's not a big deal," says a Red Cross Volunteer stationed in Queens.

Just over a week after Sandy swept through and disrupted millions of people's lives, more bad weather has made it's way to the area.

A Nor'easter blanketed several states with snow and ice overnight.

"Trees and power lines are starting to sag, and this morning we woke up to 6 to 8 inches of very wet very heavy snow. Trees were down, we saw some cables, they weren't electrical lines they were probably like Internet or TV cable lines hanging all over town as we were coming through various places. We lost power at the shelter early this morning probably for a couple hours, probably due to the snow again," the volunteer says.

The slowdown in progress has caused frustration to New Yorkers.

"Everything that I own is here and I am trying to save it," one man says.

"It will prolong the efforts to make sure people have what they need. As long as there's no power, they can't cook. We're still passing out blankets and batteries for flashlights," the Red Cross volunteer says.

This time around shelters aren't being used just for those without homes.

"Some people have actually gone to what we call warm-up shelters, because they don't have heat and temperatures have been dropping," the volunteer explains, "Where we normally would serve hot meals our kitchens aren't able to function right now with all the snow around."

Red Cross volunteers are having to serve cold meals to those in need.

Donations are still needed, even more than expected, after last night's weather.

Text "Red Cross" to 90999 to donate $10.

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