Local Salon Makes Prom Dreams Come True

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BOWLING GREEN, KY - Prom is a night many high school girls dream of their entire lives. However, it can get expensive. Haute Fringe Salon in Bowling Green is doing their part to help make the prom experience a little less stressful. The business surprised three teens at area high schools Tuesday with flowers and an appointment card.

Tanya Escobar, a senior at South Warren High School, was one of the lucky ladies to be surprised in her classroom and couldn't have been happier.

"I was going to have to do everything on my own. Mom was going to help me, but now I'm going to feel like a princess definitely."

Denica Bluette of Bowling Green High School, and Marina Fraire of Warren East High School are the other two recipients of the service which includes hair and makeup on the big day.

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