Local School District Taking Part in Anti-Bullying Campaign

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Bowling Green High School has started an anti-bullying campaign.

This week, several bullying-related activities, are taking place to raise awareness.

Parents will gather Thursday night to talk about their concerns about bullying, and students will talk about their concerns on Friday.

Tuesday, the anti-bullying campaign kicks off, with students from different social groups, working together to paint a mural.

"Last semester, we did a lot of primary research with Bowling Green High School students, and found that sometimes students aren't really aware of what bullying is. Maybe they don't think gossiping is bullying, or telling on someone in the hallway is bullying, so we're just going to try and bring students together to build a little bit of common unity throughout the school," says campaign leader, Drew Mitchell.

The mural will include symbols from various groups at Bowling Green High School in hopes of uniting students from different social backgrounds.

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