Local Schools Partner In The Fight Against Prescription Drugs

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Just about every household has them, prescription drugs. While many use them for medical conditions some have began to abuse and become addicted. U.S. Attorney David Hale says Kentucky has been hit hard.

"Approximately 100 Kentuckians a month die from the abuse of prescription narcotics and in a state our size that is a huge number," says Hale.

And the numbers are growing in teens. Police say many teens often steal prescriptions from their own parents' cabinets.

Bowling Green Independent Schools and Warren County Public Schools want to end the problem. They have partnered with local law enforcement to increase awareness.

"Anything we can do to help our children stay off any kind of drug I think is very important. As I said, it is a life for death thing," says Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Tim Murley.

Officials urge parents to take an inventory of their medications. To further battle abuse a national drug take-back will be held Saturday in Warren County.

Over the last several years, KSP says people have dropped off 10 tons of prescription drugs and the number is growing.

"This will be the 5th year and each year we have had this the amount of poundage has increased by about 10% percent each year," says Trooper Jonathan Biven.

While the drop off cleans out cabinets to prevent potential abuse it also guarantees a safe removal.

"We don't want folks to simply flush them down the toilet. Unfortunately all to often it creeps into the water supply," says Hale.

Drugs collected Saturday and at box's throughout Warren County are disposed of using FDA standards.

For a list of Saturday's drop-off locations: Click Here

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