Local Stores Compete With Chain Stores During Holiday Sales

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Local stores are having holiday sales -- competing with chain stores.

Nat's Outdoor Sports employees said, because of the new Dick's Sporting Goods in town, they've had more competition this year.

Also, with a Cabella's store being planned for next year, they know they might have even more next year.

However, they said they are not worried about losing sales to those chain stores.

"We do definitely benefit being a family-owned, local business. So we do gain a following for that, of course, and like I said, it all goes back to personable customer service as well," said Mike Bunch, who works at Nat's.

Bunch said he belives competition is good for everyone.

He also said the store has at least 20 percent off certain items this weekend for after Christmas sales.

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