Local Stores Preparing for Valentine's Day

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Love is in the air and so are the smells of chocolates and flowers.

Have you ever thought about why these gifts are the most popular Valentine's Day items?

"It's sexy, chocolate is sexy, girls find chocolate sexy," consumer, Kabell Phillips says.

"Your standard red rose is usually the hot item and that's just because it shows the symbol of love," WKU Floral Shop Florist, Roger Dennis says.

"It's sweet, the color, the general beautiful redness of the strawberry and the sweetness," Mary Jane Meszaros, owner of Mary Jane's Chocolates says.

While all chocolate sells on the day of love, Mary Jane predicts she will sell upwards of 300 dozen chocolate covered strawberries alone.

They are working around the clock to get orders filled.

"The sweetness mixed with the milk, the white or the dark chocolate its... wow. You cant go wrong," Mary Jane says.

While making the perfect strawberry is difficult, there's also a science to the perfect flower.

"If you are looking at something like this orange rose, it's not going to last as long as this beautiful red rose you have here," Dennis says.

While the red rose has always been, and will always be a hot Valentine's Day item, it's the mixed arrangements with red roses in them that are becoming more popular.

"Probably over the last ten years more mixed arrangements, but typically people want to order the red rose. This year we are doing a large amount of tulips," Dennis says.

Whether it's roses or tulips, or caramels or strawberries, the flower and candy industries will continue working long hours through Thursday.

Mary Jane's Chocolates has already sold out of milk chocolate assorted candy heart-shaped boxes, with just pre-orders alone.

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