Local Towing Service May Offer Free Bus Rides

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Randy Huff says his towing company sees the results of drinking and driving too often. Now he wants to put a stop to it before anyone else makes the wrong decision and gets behind the wheel.

"We are looking at trying to go ahead and get a shuttle bus and be a service that will pretty much take you home and pick you up and keep you from making bad decisions," says Huff.

Huff and Southside Towing offered free rides New Year's Eve night. He says the reason most people make bad decisions all comes down to time. He hopes his free shuttle takes that out of the equation.

"People didn't have to wait. On New Year's when cabs were 4.5 or 5 hours behind, wherever you party is at all of a sudden you got to wait out front at six o'clock in the morning somewhere is just unfeasible," says Huff.

Some may be wondering why don't cab services take advantage like what Southside Towing is doing, but they say it's all because of state regulations.

"We can't just put as many cars as we want to on the road because the state only issues a certain number of licenses to us. Currently we have four licenses and that's as many cars we can put on the road," says Brent Gipson of Komfort Kabs.

Gipson says there is a need for more transportation in Bowling Green, but competition from other companies has prevented it.

"What usually happens is somebody else that is in business, like when I initially got my first license, I applied but one of the existing companies protested and I had to go to court and have hearings," says Gipson.

While he does support the Southside Towing shuttle idea, Gipson remains weary if it can actually get on the road.

Randy Huff says he hopes to have the shuttle service up and running by the first week of February.

He says several local restaurants and bars have shown interest in sponsoring the shuttle.

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