Local Doctors And Law Enforcement Discuss Synthetic Drug Known As Bath Salts

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Local doctors and law enforcement say the synthetic drug known as bath salts can have dangerous consequences.

"Fast heart rate, you can be agitated, very hyper agitated, hallucinations, abnormally aggressive, and if it shoots up your heart rate and your blood pressure, you can get very, very flushed," says Doctor Dwight Sutton from the Greenview Medical Group.

"It's been described as a high somewhere between meth and cocaine," says Thomas Loving, the Director of the Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force.

Doctor Sutton says there are things you can look out for if you're concerned your child could be taking bath salts.

"Turning red in the face, they're getting angry about things they normally wouldn't, then you need to start asking some questions," says Doctor Sutton.

Sutton says other side effects include odd sleeping patterns and incoherent speech.

The Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force says the state started addressing the issue of bath salts and other synthetic drugs two years ago.

They say the state bans the selling and possession of them.

"You can call it bath salts, you can call it synthetic marijuana. The bottom line is it's not bath salts, it's not marijuana, it's a synthetic drug that is applied to some agent and then it's sold," says Loving.

A teenager, who once experimented with synthetic marijuana and almost died from it, has advice for those thinking about taking a synthetic drug.

"The biggest thing that got me was the peer pressure so I can definitely say to kids that you have to say no because that one time could be it," says Ashley Stillwell, a Bowling Green teen.

Her mom, Amy, is the Youth Coordinator for the Save Our Kids Coalition, which protects Warren County's Youth from Drugs.

Doctors and law enforcement say the most important thing you can do is be involved in your children's lives in hopes of preventing them from experimenting with these drugs.

The Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force says they haven't seen any extreme cases like the one in Florida.

They along with the Kentucky Narcotic Officers Association are also pushing for a federal ban on the selling and possession of synthetic drugs.

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