Locals Enjoy Craft Fairs For Early Holiday Shopping

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- Black Friday used to be the main holiday shopping day of the season. As time goes by, the shopping starts earlier.

Some stores are already having early-bird specials online, and while many say Christmas shopping starts too early, some think of early shopping as a gift.

"Plan ahead. Then it's not so hard. Then you're not having to put it all on your credit card. You're not having to panic at the last minute, 'Oh, my paycheck's not going to be here.' Well, if you shop a little bit as you go, then it kind of makes it easier for Christmas," said Sherry Belcher, a shopper.

A National Retail Federation survey says four in 10 shoppers started shopping before Halloween. Like Belcher, it's for a better budget.

The survey also shows shoppers are expected to spend less this season -- which is where events like Saturday's Bizarre Bazaar comes in.

"I think they're cheaper than Wal-Mart and stuff, and people actually put heart into it to make it," said one shopper, Sarah Martin.

Martin said she always buys gifts from craft fairs.

"Items that you can't find at the mall or big-box stores, you know, you can support the community and buy unique Christmas items," said Brittany Young, a Warren County Family Consumer Agent.

If you missed Saturday's fair, Bowling Green has other chances.

"Probably every weekend up until Christmas you'll be able to find a holiday bazaar," Young said.

Vendors said people usually get more for their money at events like that.

"A lot of the crafters just really enjoy doing it for the love of doing it. So for people who do enjoy handmade items, if you were to compare shop, you would probably be pleasantly surprised that you're really not going to pay anything more for a hand-crafted item than you would for something made out of our country," said Juanita Kronenberger, a vendor.

Shoppers today agreed you need to plan ahead and ask questions to give the perfect gift.

There are 27 days until Black Friday and 53 days until Christmas.

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