Locals Prepare As Winter Storm Hits Kentucky

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- "I'm ready to ditch all the shovels and salt and gloves and hats and coats, and get ready for bathing suit weather," said Mike Ellis.

Don't pack away your winter weather gear just yet.

While the calendar brings us closer to spring, Sunday night's weather is far from it.

"I'm so ready for baseball season. I'm so ready for spring. I wanted to cry. I'm not ready for no snow, no ice, I don't want to see anymore for a while," said Sonya King.

However, the forecast says they will see it.

"Hopefully, we don't get it, but if we do, my family's okay, we're prepared," Ellis added.

One man walked by saying he usually doesn't rush to the store to prepare for storms, but this one had him and others there a little more nervous.

"We're going to make sure we've got a lot of candles at home, make sure the house is stocked with food, just in case anything happens, we'll be prepared," said Andrea Young, who was at Priceless IGA preparing for the storm.

"I'm concerned about my power going out. I've got candles and stuff like that. So we've come and I got candles and things like that to prepare," King said.

Those preparations are wise, as heavy ice could cause widespread power outages.

"Probably just cuddle up with my kids and my husband -- not go anywhere," said King.

For those of you who have to get out and about Monday morning, road crews will be working overnight if necessary -- making sure your commute is as safe as possible.

"It'll certainly be more of a challenge for us the more water and ice is on the road, but we'll be out treating them. Luckily, the temperature will not drop too terribly below 32, I think we're looking at the mid-20s, something like that overnight. So the salt will still be effective and our treatments will be effective and our plows will be effective," said Wes Watt, the public information officer at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in Bowling Green.

They say they've got plenty of salt for several more winter storms -- which no one says they want.

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