Locals on How to Pick a Derby Winner

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With less than a day until the run for the roses, some were out watching the phillies take the spotlight this afternoon in the Kentucky Oaks.

When attempting to pick a derby winner, some people pick a horse by its name, its number, or who's riding it.
When it comes to deciphering a racing form, it can become pretty technical.

"The history of different horses, how they ran under certain conditions and certain lengths of track," said spectator Steve Hopper.

Some pick their favorite jockey.

"I already know there's a female jockey. Go for Rosie. There's an African American jockey, so you may go for him. There's some jockeys that have been doing it for years and years," said spectator Stacey Gish.

There are always those horses with stories that make it almost impossible to to pull for them.

"And then there's always that compelling story. That horse that was found that was lame or something like that. There's always a story and you're like, I think I'm going to pick that one because it has the best story, or you pick the underdog because no one else is picking that one," said Gish.

Some say the underdog approach can be risky, but pay off.

"I'd pick the number 2 horse because I like going for the underdog... I'd probably go for the number two horse to win," said spectator Burlin Willis.

Willis, from Alaska, says he may just try one of the oldest traditions, even if he can't make it to the race.

"I've never had a mint julep. I should probably get a mint julep and watch the race for sure," said Willis.

Regardless of your pick. everyone here is sure to have their eyes on the run for the roses.

"The derby is our state. It's something famous worldwide, but I like to watch anything that has something to do with my state," said Hopper.

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