UPDATE - Slideshow: More Than 25 Dogs Rescued From Logan County Home

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The Logan County Humane Society says it's one of the largest cases of animal neglect they have seen.

More than 25 dogs were found in a home on Kenny Stratton Road, some chained far away and out of sight.

"They've just not had enough food and I'm sure they have lots of worms. I mean they are just severely neglected," says Director of the Logan County Humane Society, Kathy Maddox.

A anonymous tip from a neighbor led authorities to the animals. The homeowner was surprised by the visit because he didn't believe anything was wrong.

"We feed them twice a day. I work and she works too. I work for the railroad and she works in Franklin. By the time we come in we feed them before we leave but they said it was not nourished," says homeowner Sammy Boyd.

Authorities saw a different story. One by one each dog was carried away. So many dogs were found on property a large truck was brought in.

Boyd doesn't believe having more than 25 dogs on his property is a problem.

"Nah I don't feel that's any problem at all sir. I mean you take them to animal shelters they are over-dogged. They need a better home where you can take those animals," says Boyd.

But the humane society says their shelter is that better home.

"Our vets are going to come out and help evaluate them and see what they need to do with them, get them help, and get them homes through our rescue program," says Maddox.

Sammy Boyd says he and his wife will fight to get their dogs back.

The investigation into the case continues. Boyd did cooperate with authorities and was not placed under arrest.

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